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Tiny Happy People

Introducing Tiny Happy People, brought to you by the BBC

Language, we all use it, it enables you to tell others about yourself, how you are feeling and also say what you think. For children, it sets the foundations for learning; without it, it makes it harder for children to learn how to read, write and use numbers.

Being ready for school includes being able to speak in full sentences so that children can make new friends, ask their teachers questions but also importantly, understand what they are being told to do. Having these skills will make them happier and give them more confidence.

Did you know… In England alone, 1 in 4 five-year-olds are behind with their language skills, rising to 1 in 3 depending on where you live (Save the Children 2015).

Tiny Happy People – what is it?

It is the BBC’s biggest ever education initiative which aims to contribute to closing the ‘word gap’ in children aged 0-5 over the next 5 years. It’s a free, online resource for parents, carers and professionals. It has simple videos that can inspire you to chat and play with your children, so that you can give them the best start in life

How does it work?

The website shows you how can bond with your child before they are even born but also through the early stages of their lives. The website has ideas and activities that are easy to build into your daily routine. They’re quick and inspiring, but they’re also based on expert advice and evidence, and are proven to help a child’s development.

Evidence based; quality assured

Tiny Happy People has been a while in the making; it’s been tested with real families through two pilot schemes. Everything you see is evidence-based and quality assured by a network of early years experts which includes speech and language therapists, midwives and health visitors. The tips and advice, activities, videos and the science behind language development can easily be built into your daily routine, and some of them you will probably already do!

Activities of the weekend’ or ‘video or the week’ will be shared regularly on Wigan’s Speech and Language team on Facebook page; you can find them here  or have a look for yourself at


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