Adult Community Mental Health Service West Norfolk

We can offer treatment if you present with mental ill health and associated risks. You will need to contact our Access and Assessment service to be referred to us.

You can expect psychoeducation, diagnosis and treatment for mental ill health. We provide psychological interventions including clinical psychologist assessment and treatment. We also offer group work. We provide care coordination and planning led by professionals.

We treat the following conditions:

Bipolar disorder
Personality disorder
Severe depression with other associated symptoms
Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
Other psychological conditions with a significant negative impact on your ability to live normally
Mental ill health where there is associated risk to yourself or others​

We also offer whatever help as a carer you need to help support a family member. This includes psychoeducation on mental ill health and family orientated work to change the behaviour. We can also refer you for a carer assessment.​


Parent Organisation
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Where to go

Chatterton House
Goodwins Road
King's Lynn
PE30 5PD
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