Anglian Water - Priority Services

WaterCare is a special register offered by Anglian Water to customers who may need extra help. It is available to a wide range of customers from those who have sight or hearing difficulties to those who are frail and elderly, classed as disabled or have other qualifying needs.

Once registered, eligible customers will be offered extra help with their water supply when the supply is interrupted, special tariffs, alternative ways of getting information and reassurance against bogus callers. For example, if there is planned or emergency work which affects the water supply for several hours Anglian Water will make contact with WaterCare customers and offer them extra help like a visit from a member of staff or a supply of bottled water.

The service also has the added benefit of extra protection from bogus callers, who often pretend to be from the water board. So, as well as the normal checks that customers are advised to make, WaterCare customers can set up their own password that only a true Anglian Water member of staff would be able to tell them.