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We have created a page to provide service updates and useful resources relating to Family Information.

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Bringing up children is likely to be one of the most difficult jobs any of us ever do. As many as 75% of all parents and carers say there are times when they would welcome help and advice when it comes to being a parent.

We know that parents want the very best for their children, want to give them a good start in life and see them succeed. We also know that the quality of parenting impacts on children, families, communities and society as a whole.

Children undoubtedly enrich our lives, but raising them can be hard work, and some of the challenges facing parents today are very different from those faced by previous generations. All parents have the right to expect high quality information, advice and support from public services.

Parenting Groups and Programmes

Parent Groups in Westminster Sep - Dec 2020

Live groups delivered via Microsoft Teams:

  • Circle of Security: Starting Wednesday 16th September 10.30am-12pm. A 10 week attachment based parenting group ideally suited to parents with children under 7 years. To book click here
  • Non-violent Resistance (NVR): Starting Tuesday 15th September 1-2.30pm. A 12 week group for parents with children 11yrs+ who are displaying challenging or risky behaviour. To book click here

  • Non-violent Resistance (NVR): Starting Thursday 10th September 6-7.30pm. A 12 week group for parents with children 11yrs+ who are displaying challenging or risky behaviour. To book click here

  • Who’s in Charge: Starting Monday 14th September 6pm-7.30pm. A 9 week child to parent violence (CPV) programme aimed at parents whose children are being abusive or violent toward them or who appear out of parental control. To book click here

  • Triple P (0-12): Starting Wednesday 9th September  1-2.30pm. An 8 week positive parenting programme ideally suited to parents with children under 11yrs. The programme provides practical parenting tips and strategies. To book click here

  • Freedom Programme: Starting 8th September. An 11 week programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse in any of it’s forms, providing a reflective space and tools to identify abusive behaviour in the future. To book contact

  • Parenting Resource Forum: Starting Friday 27th Nov 1-3pm. A 3 week virtual community for parents to share new ideas and tips about topics such as: routines, dealing with conflict in relationships, play… and much more. All parents welcome. To book click here

Online programmes completed individually at home with regular follow up support:

  • Triple P 0-12 or Teen Online: An online evidence-based programme which can be accessed by the parent on a phone or laptop at their convenience. The parenting team will provide regular check-in discussions with parents to support them to embed the learning and provide feedback to referrers. To book click here
  • Freedom Programme Online: An on-line programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse in any of it’s forms.  The programme explains violent and abusive behaviour and can help participants understand the abuse they have experienced and gives them the tools to identify abusive behaviour in the future. This version can be accessed by the parent on a phone or laptop at their convenience. To book contact

For more information contact:

Relationship Support for Couples and Co-Parents

Building Relationships for Stronger Families

Being a parent can be challenging – but when your relationship with your partner, or your ex-partner, isn’t going well it’s even tougher.

There are times when we are all under stress but while conflict is part of family life for everyone, sometimes difficulties between parents – whether they are living together or have separated - can get in the way of being able to manage life at your best.

The Building Relationships for Stronger Families Programme offers support to parents who are struggling with their relationship with their partner or ex-partner and provide  one to one Zoom sessions with a practitioner.

Online Information & Resources

Relationships aren’t built on the expectation that you’ll be spending all day, every day with that person. Please find advice about how to give yourself a break and develop a new ‘normal’ during these circumstances to help make your relationship a bit smoother.

You can watch the experiences of children and young people who have parents that don’t get along in this five minute video. The stories explain the impact of different types of parental conflict, from parents arguing, to a lack of warmth to fraught contact arrangements. 

See It Differently have 4 short videos that demonstrate how small changes can make life easier for everyone in the family, reducing the impact of arguments on children. They also offer a secure web chat session with one of their listeners. 

In addition, here you can access guidelines for parents of children or adolescents with violent or distructive behaviours.

Other useful links

Parenting Support

For Baby’s Sake

For Baby’s Sake is a programme for expectant parents, whether together as a couple or not, who want to bring an end to domestic abuse and create the best possible start in life for their baby.  

For Baby's Sake helps both parents to make the lasting changes that they want for themselves and their family.  

For Baby’s Sake could be recommended if:

  • pregnancy is ideally before 28 weeks
  • both parents are willing to co parent – they do not have to be in a relationship or live together to take part in the programme
  • both parents are aged 17 or over when baby is born
  • the female co parent/baby lives within the three boroughs (Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea).

Telephone: 07702 538 100

E-mail: or

Information Advice Support Service (IASS) for Children & Young People with SEND and their parents.

Information Advice Support Service (IASS) is a free confidential service for parents, children and young people who live in the City of Westminster. We provide access to impartial guidance and support on matters relating to the law, local policy and practice, the local offer and Education, Health and Care (EHC) assessments. Contact your local IASS on or advice line 020 7641 5355. Visit the IASS website for further information about their service.

Family Lives

Family Lives provides targeted early intervention and crisis support to families who are struggling. The issues we support families with include family breakdown, challenging relationships and behaviour, debt, and emotional and mental wellbeing.

Providers Offering 30 Hours Free Childcare

A list of participating providers for the 30 Hours Free Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds can be found on the link below,…Read more

Hungry Little Minds

Children soak up every little bit of stimulation you can give them. It’s all the little things that make a big…Read more