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Assessment request forms related to the Education, Health and Care process

Assessment request forms related to the Education Health and Care (EHC) plan process:

EHC Education Setting Request Form

EHC Parent Carer Request Form

EHC Social Care request for professional advice

EHC Professional Information and Advice form

Short Term Contingency Funding Request Form (for students without an EHC Plan)

All About Me Form / Template

What is Short Term Contingency Funding?

Short Term Contingency Funding is available to schools/ educational settings in Westminster to support their SEN interventions with costs of or exceeding the £6,000 provided to schools through their SEN budget. To apply, schools/ education settings must complete and return a request form for children and young people without an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Contingency Funding must be applied for by a school/ education setting on behalf of Westminster residents who attend Westminster schools.

Any funding that is agreed will be provided on a termly basis and can only be allocated for up to one year. In order for funding to be agreed, the request must clearly evidence that the school/ education setting has used their £6000 notional SEN budget to provide SEN support, and intend on continuing this support for a time –limited period.

Completed request should be sent to Westminster SEN Team and each submission will be considered at the weekly EHC Panel meeting. Schools/ Education settings will subsequently be informed of the panel’s decision.

Last Updated 02/09/2021

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