From September 2014 Statements of Special Educational Needs are being replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans. Like Statements, EHC Plans will only be needed by children with the most severe and complex needs. Most children will have their needs met by their local mainstream schools. Schools all have budgets to provide support for children with SEND. Children with very severe needs who don’t make enough progress even with lots of help from their school may need an EHC Plan. Every Local Authority has criteria for deciding whether or not a child might need an EHC assessment leading to an EHC Plan. West Berkshire’s EHC assessment criteria can be downloaded from this page. EHC assessments can be requested by either a parent or a school. If a parent or a school requests an EHC assessment, the Authority will consider the evidence and decide whether or not an EHC assessment is needed. A decision has to be made within 6 weeks of the request. If it is decided that an assessment will not be carried out, parents will have a right of appeal to the SEN and Disability Tribunal.