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Your pregnancy and labour care

Wandsworth Little Feet

Antenatal care monitors your health during pregnancy, as well as the health and development of your baby. It can help predict possible problems with your pregnancy or the birth, so action can be taken to avoid or treat them.

Antenatal appointments can be used to ask any questions you may have and to share any concerns. If you need advice between appointments, call your antenatal clinic.

The ‘Who’s who?’ page of this website looks at the health professionals who may be involved in looking after your pregnancy and birth.

If you decide to have your baby in hospital, ‘Where can I give birth page?’ page lists the hospitals available for Wandsworth residents; you can have a look at the hospitals and see where you will be giving birth.

Click here for information on your diet during pregnancy, what vitamins and minerals you should be taking, common health problems in pregnancy, exercising and food awareness.

Visit theDuring your pregnancy and laboursection in NHS Choices for further information on

  • The different scans

  • Where to have your baby

  • The labour and birth

  • When pregnancy goes wrong

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