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Signposting Plus Service

SPPS Leaflet

Any referrals to the Initial Point of Contact (IPOC) team that do not meet the threshold for a social work service will be passed to the Signposting Plus Service (SPPS). The service is staffed by existing Family Information Service and Initial Contact Workers. The SPPS will contact the referrer and parent to see what additional support might be helpful.

This is the process that will be followed when IPOC passes a case across to the SPPS:

  • Concerns about a child/family are brought to the attention of the IPOC by a professional. This might be a teacher, doctor (GP), health visitor, nursery nurse or therapist.
  • The referral does not meet the threshold for social work intervention so is passed on the Signposting Plus Service
  • Signposting Plus Service identifies appropriate universal or targeted services to support the family
  • Signposting Plus Service contacts the practitioner who made the referral to explain why it did not meet the threshold for social work service
  • Signposting Plus Service discusses early help options with practitioner and family and if necessary will broker additional services as required.

The leaflet, you can download on the right, sets out more about how this works.  The guide to Early Help Processes, also available right, contains further details, page 32 is about Signposting Plus.


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