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Supported Housing for Independent Living

Link to Supported housing information on the Wher to Live? wiki

Housing with support is called Supported Housing, Supported Living or Independent Living. What all of these mean is that you have your own home and support is put in place to help you live independently.

This could mean that you are supported for a few hours a week, everyday, overnight or 24 hours a day. The support is carefully planned to meet your needs to live independently.

These services involve a person living in their own home and receiving care and/or support in order to promote their independence. The care they receive is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, but the accommodation is not. The support that people receive is continuous, but is tailored to their individual needs. It aims to enable the person to be as autonomous and independent as possible, and usually involves social support rather than personal care.

Basic principles are:

  • I choose who I live with
  • I choose where I live
  • I have my own home
  • I choose how I am supported
  • I choose who supports me
  • I get good support
  • I choose my friends and relationships
  • I choose how to be healthy and safe
  • I choose how to take part in the community
  • I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
  • I get help to make changes in my life

 Who can have supported living?

Anyone, regardless of their ability, can be supported to live in their own home with the right support. The support you receive will be carefully planned to support your needs to live independently.

Some people like to live on their own but others prefer to live with other people especially people who they get along with like family, friends or a partner.

What does supported living housing look like?

There is no definition as to what Supported Living accommodation should look like. It is down to the individual (with the support from family, support staff, commissioners, advocates) to decide if the accommodation is right for them.

Supported Living can be delivered in a range of settings and housing models, which may include living in the family home with the right amount of support to live independently and safely.

In Supported Living;

  • You will be able to keep more of your benefits
  • If you get a job, you will be able to keep most or all of that money
  • The provider has an office elsewhere
  • The support you receive is about you as an individual and will be included in your personal care plan.

Who will make sure that the appropriate support is in place?

The local authority has a duty to provide some people with support. You need to have an assessment of your care and support needs to assess whether you need support services. If needs are identified a support plan will be put together with a Care Manager to meet those needs.

Who to contact about Supported Housing