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What is a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Information Report?

All schools are now required by the 2014 SEND legislation to publish an up to date SEN Information Report.  This explains how they will meet pupils' special educational needs.  This information should be published on schools' websites.  The "SEN Information Report" should be clearly labelled and easy to find. 

A link to this information is included in each of the schools’ and nurseries’  webpages on the Local Offer  website under “Other details”, “Related Links”.   It is always advisable to contact any school or nursery you are thinking of sending your child to, to discuss how they will meet their needs.

All areas of a school’s offer should be covered including therapy, nursing support, and other additional provision.  When parents are considering whether they are eligible for a personal budget they should be able to tell from each school’s offer, which services are available as part of the targeted provision made by the school, and what services they may seek to request as individual support possibly using a personal budget.   

Schedule 1 of the SEN and Disability Regulations 2014 sets out the information to be included in each school's SEN Information report.    This provides a useful checklist which you can find on the  GOV.UK website

An outline, put together to assist Wandsworth's mainstream schools writing their SEN IRs is attached.

Links to full lists of Wandsworth's:

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