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What is Wandsworth's WAND card?

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The WAND Card (Wandsworth's Additional Needs Database Card) is a convenient form of ID, indicating membership of Wandsworth's Disabled Children's Register (CDR).  This can help to avoid the need for lengthy explanations when asking for any existing concessions and assistance within the borough.

1. What can I use the WAND card for?

  • Sainsbury's Putney and Asda Clapham Junction are the first stores offering additional assistance and support to WAND cardholders and their families.  They are now joined by businesses in Southside and Clapham Junction Town Centres.  We are approaching other businesses so they can join in.

  • Businesses in Wandsworth, including doctors and dentists surgeries, hairdressers, pharmacies, photographers and cafes are now becoming WAND Friends and information about the assistance and support they offer is in the "Where can I use my WAND card" leaflet and on this website. The list is growing all the time, so come back soon to see who else has joined.

2. Do I need to complete separate application forms for each child applying?

Yes. You will need to complete a separate form for each child or young person, 0- 17 years old.  We can send you an additional form or you can copy the form, if you already have one.

3. Do you need original proof of eligibility?

No. We don't need to see original documentation - send us a photocopy with your Children with Disabilities Register (CDR) and WAND card application form. If you are applying by email, please scan or photograph the documents and attach them to your email.

4. Can I have a WAND card if I'm not on the Wandsworth CDR?

You need to be a member of the CDR and aged between 0 and 18 years to get a WAND Card.  However, not all members will be eligible for the card which is aimed at children and young people with complex needs that significantly impact on their ability to get out and about. Details on page 7 of the application form.

5. Can my friend join?

Anyone with a child or young person with special needs can apply on their behalf to join the CDR, provided they are a Wandsworth resident, or a Wandsworth looked after child.  To qualify for a WAND card, certain criteria apply, details of which are on page 7 of the registration form. 

Anyone with a query about eligibility is welcome to call the SEND Local Offer from the CDR, WAND and WAND+ Team on 020 8871 8907, or email .

5. What if I lose my WAND card?

Don't worry, there are full details about how to get a replacement, here.

7. What if a business wants to support the WAND card?

If you would like to become a WAND Maker, please contact the DCR, WAND and WAND+ Team , or visit our webpage for WAND Makers.

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