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Covid-19 Information

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Children and Young People


There are lots of organisations that offer mental health help, both locally and nationally. You might need different types of support at different times in your life. 

Here are a variety of services available, sorted by different levels of support you might need.  

Coronavirus COVID-19

It has been a difficult time but there are a range of services available to support your wellbeing and mental health remotely which can be accessed from your own home.  You can find up to date information at the coronavirus mental health and wellbeing resources for children and young people page.

Virtual Mental Wealth Hub toolkit provides advice and information on services that are available to support children, young people and staff at this challenging time.


Self Help

Services in this category are appropriate for anyone and everyone.  It could be that you’re feeling a little down or just fancy some extra activities to do in your spare time.  Example service: Gorse Hill Studios.

You can also have a look at our Things to Do pages for more ideas


Getting Advice

Services for when you only need a small amount of advice or support with your mental health and wellbeing.  Example service: Talkshop.


Getting Help

These services can offer you specific help across areas such as counselling, mentoring and therapeutic support.  Example service: 42nd Street.


Getting More Help

In this area you will find services offering long term support around serious issues that you’re really struggling with. Example service: Healthy Young Minds (formerly CAMHS).


If you are over 18 see the Mental Health and Wellbeing services page for adults