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Keeping fit and well

Adults and older people

Shape Up for A Safe Summer

Shape Up for a Safe Summer 2021


On this page you can get advice and find out about a wide range of services and activities available in your local community:

Mental health and wellbeing

Substance Misuse

Help to Stop Smoking

Sexual Health

Getting Active

Healthy Weight

Free NHS Health Checks for those age 40-74


Mental health and wellbeing

There are many local organisations that offer mental health support. You might need different types of support at different times in your life. Sometimes it might just be about getting a bit of advice or sometimes problems are more serious or don’t get better with self-help.

Find support and advice services to improve your mental health.


Substance Misuse

Find support and treatment services to help you deal with substance misuse problems including alcoholand drugs.



Details of local GPs and pharmacies offering Support to Stop Smoking   


Sexual health

If you are looking for information and support with sexual health, it's available across Trafford and beyond.

Find sexual health information and support in Trafford

Find a sexual health clinic in Trafford

Find a pharmacy offering the morning after pill in Trafford 

Getting advice and treatment during the pandemic for sexual health including sexually transmitted infections, contraception and the morning after pill.


Getting active

Being active has huge benefits for physical and mental health and wellbeing. There are lots of ways in which you can increase your activity levels – from walking more, to taking part in more formal sport or physical activity sessions, or just trying to spend less time sitting down.

It has been hard for lots of people to keep active during the pandemic, with facilities, groups and activities closed or limited to small numbers. The NHS One You exercise pages have lots of guides and tips to get you moving, including the popular Couch to 5k app.

There are still lots of opportunities to get active, whether in the comfort of your own home, outside on your own, or in Covid-safe groups and activities. Just search the activity you are interested in at the top of the page. Below are just some of the opportunities for Trafford residents to get more active:

Couch to 5k: MileShyClub support absolute beginners to get into running and gradually build up to running 5km.

There are new FREE sessions starting in January in Old Trafford and Partington – click on the links to book as numbers are limited due to Covid restrictions. 

Couch to 5k sessions in Sale and Urmston (£2 a session) are also available for booking online. 

Trafford Leisure are re-opening their centres from January 4th 2021. Although group exercise and adult sport are not able to re-start yet, gym and swimming will be available.

There are virtual classes as well as online exercise videos for difference ages and abilities, from High Intensity Interval Training to gentle, low impact exercise on the Trafford Leisure website and their facebook page;  you can pre-book all activities on the website.  

Age UK Trafford provide exercise classes for older people who have had a fall, or are at risk of falling. While groups exercise classes are not permitted due to Covid restrictions, Age UK Trafford have several exercise videos

Empower You – online! Offer exercise sessions for people with learning impairments and autism and their supporters (carers, family, friends, support staff) who live in Trafford.


Healthy weight and weight management

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the single most important things we can do to improve physical and mental health. There is a lot of support and advice out there which can be confusing and overwhelming, so below you will see some good sources of information to help you make changes to your diet.

Adults and older people

There are a number of services to support people in Trafford to lose weight and eat healthily. There are different weight management services that are available to suit people’s needs and preferences:

Slimming World - 12 weeks free support in a group session

Fitfans - 12 weeks of football and healthy eating

Get Slim - 3 month free access to digital weight management support

Specialist Weight Management Service –for people who need a higher level of support or wish to consider bariatric surgery. 

Children, young people and families

Foundation 92 family health improvement programme – for families in Partington and Sale West. 

Children and young people’s specialist weight management programme - for those with a BMI centile >98%

School nurse and health visitor support - for support to eat healthily and be more active.

For people who just want to make sure that they are eating a balanced diet, the Eat Well guide is a good place to start, alongside the NHS One You Easy Meals app.