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Year 9

Year 9

Why do we have to start planning in Year 9?

High goals are important to success. Starting to plan at Year 9 allows time to research options for future education, training or careers, and to plan the most suitable path. It is at this time in the final years of school that support can be focused to help your young person develop successfully in the future.

If your young person has a Statement or EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) the Year 9 annual review of your young person’s Statement of Special Educational Needs or EHCP is very important and begins the preparation for adulthood. This is the time to start thinking about further education, future jobs, where they will live, ongoing health needs and any other welfare issues.

Who may be involved?

  • Your young person
  • You (parents/carers)
  • A social worker
  • Health professionals
  • A Careers South West advisor
  • A member of staff from school and anyone else you or the head teacher feels is appropriate, must be invited to the meeting.

These people will make sure that your young person remains involved in planning for their future.

Information, about children who are classed as having complex needs by the Children with Disabilities Service, will start to be shared with Adult Services to help with future planning.

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