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Barton Hill Academy - Enhanced Speech & Language Provision

The Enhanced Speech and Language Provision at Barton Hill Academy is a small class of 10 children (aged 4-8) from South Devon and Torbay, who receive intensive speech and language therapy and specialist teaching to help overcome their severe communication difficulties.

The aim of the Enhanced Speech and Language Provision is to ensure that children acquire good language skills so that they can successfully reintegrate into their local mainstream schools.

The children integrate successfully with the children at Barton Hill Academy during their time here and have access to playgrounds, assemblies, shows and educational visits to provide a rich and diverse learning experience.

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Referral Details

All admissions are administered through the Special Education Team at the Local Authority. Children attending the Unit have an Education Health Care Plan specifying their speech and language difficulties.

To access the enhanced provision for speech, language and communication difficulties at Barton Hill Academy the child should:

  • be known to the speech and language therapy department and be on the waiting list;
  • be in the Torbay and South Devon catchment area, (this covers Torbay, Newton Abbot, South Hams and West Devon and Teignbridge);
  • be in receipt of an EHC plan specifying speech, language or communication needs as the primary area of need;
  • be admitted when a place is available, or when the child is ready to access the intensive structure of the provision. This can be from the beginning of the Foundation Stage of education, until the beginning of Y2, the children will remain for as long as in necessary, or until the end of KS1, or exceptionally within Y3;
  • have a level of functioning and ability indicative of a child who does not experience a learning need, that would inhibit full access to the provision;
  • have an established need for intensive speech and language therapy