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SEND Resources for Practitioners

The resources below can be used to help practitioners support families of children and young people with SEND. They are listed alphabetically to make them easier to find.

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Accessibility Strategy

The requirements for Local Authorities to put in place a written Accessibility Strategy are specified in Schedule 10 (Accessibility for Disabled Pupils) of the 2010 Equality Act.

The strategy has two appendices:

The aim of the strategy is to increase participation in the curriculum and improve the physical environment in schools for disabled pupils. It replaces Surrey County Council’s Social Inclusion Framework for Schools and Educational Settings.

Admission Arrangements

The purpose of the SEND Process for Admissions document is to ensure that Head teachers and Governing Bodies understand the legislative framework in relation to SEND admissions and how this is applied in Surrey.

The Educational provision for children and young people with SEND seeks to lay out in a clear, transparent and accessible format, the local educational provision for children and young people with SEND in Surrey. This is so children and families can know what they might expect to find in terms of educational provision across the county.

For information on Surrey's school admissions process for children with an EHCP, please see the Surrey County Council web page 'Applying for a school place for a child with EHCP or SSEN'.

Banding Arrangements

Banding Arrangements documents can help you identify what level of support a child or young person with SEND might need.

Graduated Response for Early Years settings

Information and documents to help special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs), early years practitioners, home-based childcarers and playworkers support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families:

Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans


Request form for EHC plan

EHC plan Process

Toolkits for Parents and Young People in the EHC plan process

These workbooks help with preparatory work required for meetings, with a focus on completing the new "Section A" of the EHC plan.

Please use the workbook most appropriate for age or circumstance.


This is a statutory service commissioned by local authorities, currently provided by Global mediation, which is designed to help settle disagreements between parents or young people and local authorities over education, health and care needs assessments and plans and which parents and young people can use before deciding whether to appeal to the first-tier tribunal about decisions on assessment or the special educational element of a plan.

Annual and Transfer Reviews

The latest updated guidance and transition plan details the number of SSENs to be transferred to an EHC plan.

Transfer reviews

The documentation below can be used for Transfer Reviews:

For those pupils in Year 9 onwards, reviews must consider planning for adulthood. To support this, schools and colleges should complete the Moving Forward document in addition to the Surrey Review Form.

Annual reviews

The documentation below should be used to support the Annual review process.

Educational Psychology



Graduated Response for Schools

For information and documents for schools regarding the Graduated response in Surrey, please visit our 'Graduated Response for Schools' page.

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Joint Position Statement

Details of Surrey's Joint Position Statement regarding Pathological Demand Avoidance can be found here.



School Transport

You can find details of how to apply for school transport for children with and without an EHC plan or SSEN on the Transport to educational settings web page.

SEND Support Arrangements (previously known as Pathways Plans)

If a child or young person does not make the progress expected for their age, starting point and particular circumstances, it may be appropriate to consider with parent/carers whether an EHC plan is needed.

Below are all the documents required for Surrey's SEND Support Arrangements process:

Example paperwork

Schools can use the documents below for pre-statutory stage meetings. However, they can use their own paperwork instead if they choose.

Surrey County Council Anti-Bullying Guidance

Surrey County Council believes that all bullying behaviour is unacceptable, whether at home, school, college or work. The Council will support schools and establishments to take a preventative approach to bullying, and to have policies and procedures in place to respond where it does occur, promptly and firmly.

The policy and guidance published here should be used alongside Surrey's strengths-based practice approaches and Surrey's Inclusion Strategy.

Surrey County Council Touch and Restrictive Physical Interventions Policy and Guidance

Surrey County Council have launched a new policy regarding Touch and the use of restrictive physical intervention when working with children and young people. This replaces the 2010 policy previously in circulation.

The policy details can be found here.