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St Anthony's Girls' Catholic Academy

St Anthony's Girls' Catholic Academy Logo

Where is the school
St Anthony's Girls' Catholic Academy is located in the south-east of Sunderland.

About the school
The ethos of the school is based on the Mercy ethos. The Sisters of Mercy are the founders and trustees of the school. The Mercy ethos is Christ centred, faith enlightened pursues excellence, builds communities and shows concern for the poor particularly women and girls.

The school offers the National Curriculum at KS3 and KS4. KS4 students study a core curriculum consisting of English, Mathematics, Science, R.E, a Modern Foreign Language and Technology as well as optional and additional subjects. Over thirty subjects are offered at A level as part of our post - 16 provision.

The school has been a specialist Technology College since 1999. In 2009 the school having been awarded high performing specialist status became a specialist Language College. The school is also a member of the nationally recognised Leading Edge Community.

The school expects the parents to support the policy on school uniform, as we believe that wearing school uniform helps to create a feeling of unity among pupils and strengthens their sense of belonging to the school community.

The uniform for pupils at St. Anthony’s is as follows:

1. School blazer - navy with green trim and school crest.

2. School jumper - navy with green, brown and white trim.

3. A white long sleeved loose fitting open necked blouse with a revere collar and it should be loose not fitted, with the bottom tucked into the waist of the skirt.

4. A navy blue skirt - the skirt should be around knee length and should not be tight fitting or with splits. Garments made with stretchy material such as Lycra are prone to 'ride up' are therefore unsuitable. The waistline should not be folded over to make the length of the skirt shorter.

5. Tights should be navy, without patterns. Alternatively, plain navy or white ankle socks (not trainer socks) may be worn.

6. BLACK (single colour) SCHOOL SHOES ONLY, 'kicker' style boots are not acceptable, no fashion shoes eg. high heels, 'sling backs'. Boots may be worn during severe winter weather.

7. Outdoor coats should be plain navy (or black if navy is not available); without any kind of logo and must be worn over the blazer.

8. School scarf or navy pashmina. The school scarf can be purchased from school.

9. PE Kit - Total Sport, tel no. 0191 567 9043. With St. Anthony's crest.

Navy T-shirt, poloshirt
Navy shorts
Navy-blue tracksuit bottoms may be worn in wintry weather
Navy Hooded top
Navy blue football socks (optional)
Footwear – Your daughter must have trainers that are suitable for all activities, preferably cross trainers (any brand). Leisure trainers and Plimsolls are not suitable.

Navy blue swimming costume including St. Anthony's crest (if buying own costume it must be plain navy blue)
Gym sack

Total Sport PE Order Form PE_Order_Form_2010.pdf can be downloaded from the school website.

After Easter pupils may wear a Summer uniform of:

1. White short-sleeved revere, loose fitting open necked blouse worn with a blazer (optional sleeveless jumper).

2. A navy blue skirt - the skirt should be loose, comfortable and of an appropriate length.

3. White or navy ankle socks or tights.

Please note:

1. Short or tight skirts or skirts with slits are not appropriate for school wear.

2. Items of personal jewellery are not appropriate for school wear. They may constitute a safety hazard and there is a risk of them being lost or stolen. Pupils may wear a wrist watch and one fixed stud or sleepers in the lobe of each ear, where written permission exists. Pupils are not allowed to wear make-up.

3. In bad weather pupils may wear black boots to come to school.

4. Trainers are not allowed for wear in school except for P.E. lessons. Mules/backless shoes are not appropriate for school wear.

5. Hair must always be tied back using a plain navy hair accessory, braided hair, hair extensions and inappropriate use of hair dye are not compatible with school uniform and not allowed in school.

6. School bags should be black and of a suitable size to hold planner, exercise books and an A4 file.

7. Planners, bottles of water etc must not be carried in blazer pockets.

8. The use of mobile camera phones in school time is not permitted. The school cannot take responsibility for the loss of items such as mobile phones.

The school recognises the need for some students to carry phones to and from school for security reasons. However, mobile phones belonging to students in Y7-11 MUST be switched off and placed in lockers whilst on the school premises. Students who do not adhere to this policy will be disciplined in line with the school discipline policy. If there is any need to contact a parent the school will make contact.

School uniform Years 12 - 13

The school expects sixth form students to adhere to the dress code. We believe it helps create a feeling of unity among students and strengthens their sense of belonging to the sixth form community. In many areas of employment a uniform or dress code is an asset to both the individual and the organisation. We have a similar policy for sixth form students.

1. A nave blue skirt - the skirt should be loose, comfortable and of an appropriate length.

2. A plain blue or white blouse. Any top must have a sleeve.

3. A navy sweater or sixth form hooded top.

4. Navy or beige tights.

5. Black or brown shoes, stiletto heels damage floors and are not acceptable as are mules or backless shoes.

6. Boots and flimsy sandals are also inappropriate.

7. Navy or black coat or jacket.

8. Denim or leather garments are not acceptable.

School Uniform Suppliers are:
Little Gems, The Uniform Shop and Michael De Leon.

School Prospectus
The school prospectus is available online at

Sharing information with parents
The school shares information with parents through annual oral reports, annual written reports and termly key assessments.

Out of School Activities
We offer a whole range of clubs and societies. There are 160 separate activities running each week from sports and music activities to chaplaincy events and revision sessions.

School Specialism’s
The academy has two specialist areas:

  • Technology (Technology College since 1999)
  • Languages (Language College since 2009)
  • We also specialise in the English Baccalaureate
  • We are a Teacher Learning Academy

Transport Details
Park Lane Metro Station, Park Lane Bus Station and the railway station are all within five minutes walk of the school.

More Information
For further information about the school please visit the school website com or contact Mrs K Morgan (Admissions Officer).


Mrs M Shepherd
Main contact: 0191 553 7700 Fax: 0191 553 7699


Thornhill Terrace,