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About InfoLink

What is Suffolk InfoLink?

Suffolk InfoLink is an online directory of community information; local clubs, societies, community and voluntary organisations, childcare providers and services.

Information on Suffolk InfoLink is provided by the organisations listed, not by Suffolk County Council. Even though a club, activity or service is included it does not mean it is recommended by Suffolk County Council, or that we have checked its quality. You should check with providers that their service or organisation meets your requirements

This checklist contains some questions you can ask when thinking about whether to attend a club or activity or use a service.  

There is no charge to use Suffolk InfoLink, whether to look for information or to maintain a record on the directory.

What organisations are listed?

  • Suffolk InfoLink lists voluntary and statutory organisations, giving priority to those based in Suffolk.  National or international organisations may be included where a local contact or branch is available or if they offer relevant services for which there is no local provider

  • Commercial or profit-making organisations may be listed on Suffolk InfoLink if they satisfy the following criteria:

    • they are community based or represent a significant contribution to their local community
    • they provide goods, activities or services that help people to maintain their independence, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote well-being
    • they offer opportunities to participate in cultural activities
  • Suffolk Infolink does not list organisations whose primary business is the selling or promotion of particular financial products such as insurance policies, debt consolidation loans or equity release schemes. For further information on these products please contact the Financial Conduct Authority

  • Suffolk InfoLink is not designed to perform the role of an online business directory and will not necessarily list organisations, branches or service points individually

  • We are constantly looking at how the site could be improved if there is a feature you would like to see in InfoLink, please let us know

  • If your organisation has been excluded from Suffolk InfoLink are able to appeal against the decision using the standard county council complaints procedure

  • Please let us know about any gaps in information

How accurate and up to date is the information listed?

We work to maintain the directory to the highest standard possible, but responsibility for the accuracy of the information rests with the providers. 

Each organisation and service will be contacted to update their information, if there is no response their data may be removed from the directory. We also review all data at least annually.

How will personal information be used?

As we are part of Suffolk County Council we follow the Councils data protection policy.

  • We will not pass any details onto a third party. When registering your organisation you have the option to keep some information private.
  • Your password is secure, confidential and only resettable by you. To reset your password, press Forgotten Password, this will send a link to your registered email address, letting you change your password.
  • Contact details displayed should be of the organisation you would like to register, please be careful about showing personal contact details, unless you wish to.

Please contact us if you have any concerns. 

What if I have a complaint about an organisation listed on Suffolk InfoLink?

Please contact the organisation that provided the activity or service first. Explain the problem and tell them what you would like done about it. If you are not happy with the way your complaint is answered, contact the parent body to which the organisation is linked, if there is one.

If you have paid for an activity or service and your complaint remains unresolved, then the Suffolk Trading Standards website has lots information on the next steps you would take.

If you are concerned that someone is at risk contact Customer First

Suffolk SEND Local Offer - to give feedback on an service or organisation that supports children and young people with special educational needs, visit their dedicated page.

How to embed Suffolk InfoLink into your website

The Suffolk InfoLink widget provides a search facility which can be embed in your website. The widget can be dropped into customer and partners websites and provides an excellent way to find relevant services alongside your own content.

For more information see the options below

Glossary terms

Some of the glossary terms on the site have been provided by Think Local Act Personal, a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community based support. 

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