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There is information that can help you in this hard time.

Look at the links on the right and below.

Please visit the Coronavirus section of the Southend City Council website for information on test and trace, local data and council services

Prescription deliveries

Are you looking for information on:

  • Prescription deliveries
  • Your Nearest GP
  • Other NHS Services?

Go to the NHS Service Search page.

Food and Shopping

Our Food and Shopping page has information on:

  • Food delivery
  • Foodbanks
  • Stores helping those in need

News for Professionals

Southend CCG have a survey to find out about organisations that give young people:

  • mental health services
  • emotional wellbeing services

If you are one of these organisations, please complete the online survey.

There is support available for Health and social care staff here. Go to MSE Health and Care Partnership.

 Last updated: 09 Sep 2022

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