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Dip your toe into the volunteer experience!

Volunteering covers most of the activities you can think of.

From washing up to specialist technical work.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

  • Look at a range of posts. You can pick the ones that suit you most
  • You choose how much time you want to commit.
  • You can say ‘no’. Charities understand that your work or family must come first
  • You can pick how far you want to travel
  • You are in control.

Forget these myths:

  • Volunteers are older people. We have volunteers as young as 16.
  • Volunteering is unpaid labour. Yes, it’s unpaid but it’s the way charities ensure that as much of the funds donated go to help their cause rather than get eaten up in running costs.
  • It needs a lot of your time. You choose how many hours you contribute
  • I’ll end up doing something boring. One person’s boring is another person’s favourite activity! You can say ‘no’ and most charities try to match volunteers’ skills to activities where help is needed.
  • It’s a one way street, I give, someone else benefits. You really need to talk to our volunteers! The rewards are many from simply feeling the emotional benefit to reducing depression and a whole range of other health benefits.

Why not visit the Volunteer Southend page? Volunteer Southend runs volunteering services across Southend. We help people find volunteering roles in their local community. Vital to the running of charities, organisations and community groups.

 Last updated: 08 Jun 2020

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