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Getting Around

Are you finding it difficult to travel in and around Southend?

Do you want information on local public transport, supported travel, sustainable alternatives or just want to learn a new way to get around? Then the "Getting around" pages will have information to help.

You may be adjusting to a change of lifestyle or may want to find out about the support available to you to allow you to carry on doing the things you used to do. It's important to remember there are organisations and services out there to support people to travel in Southend.

Use the search bar to find services local to you or click "view all services" to see all the organisations and advice on "getting around".

For those looking for sustainable travel ideas visit the Ideas in Motion site using the link on the right.

If you are interested in Cycling routes in and around Southend or you'd like to learn to ride a bike then contact Cycle Southend.

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