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Money Matters

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Managing your finances can be a difficult task, especially when circumstances change. For many of us, financial difficulties can be a difficult subject to resolve, and even harder to talk about honestly. Sometimes it’s difficult to find out where it’s best to get the advice, guidance, and support you need – whether that be for handling debts, personal finances, getting help to pay bills, or arranging to pay for your care.

In these pages, we aim to provide you with information which will help you get to grips with paying for residential care, care at home, receiving benefits, managing your finances or paying off debts.

On the right of this page, you will find links to national charities and organisations dedicated to guiding you towards debt solutions, money worries, or benefits advice. You can also perform a search on the left of the screen to find local services to help you with all your money matters. By navigating the services on offer, you can ensure that whatever tasks you face, you will not be doing so without support.

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