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Please note that in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, users should take heed of the current information available from GOV.UK:

Therefore, the groups, clubs and societies listed within the Shropshire Community Directory may still be unable to meet, and there may also be a reduced service available from other local and national organisations.

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Henry Spink Foundation


The Henry Spink Foundation is an independent charity created to help families of children with severe disabilities of all kinds.

What we do:

  • We provide information on conventional and complementary/alternative medicine, therapies and research relating to a very wide range of physical and mental disorders.
  • We gather information from practitioners, specialists, associations and centres of excellence all over the world in order to provide detailed information from our database.
  • Particularly focussing on children, the Foundation also helps adults. This site is for you if your child or someone you know has a disability, rare disorder, chronic syndrome, behavioural problem or chemical imbalance.
  • Whether the problem is recently diagnosed, or has long been identified, we may be able to help with information about current treatment, research and therapies.
  • Especially aimed at families and children, the Henry Spink Foundation also helps people of all ages. We cover both conventional and complementary/alternative medicine and therapies in our constantly growing database of international information.

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The Henry Spink Foundation
c/o Montgomery Swann
Scotts Sufferance Wharf
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Offering information on conventional and complementary therapies and research - The Resource Centre offers information on conventional and complementary/alternative medicine and therapies and research in relation to a large number of disabilities and disorders. Our data has been gathered from a very wide range of sources and is presented in a straightforward way. We do not make recommendations or favour particular treatments but give you the necessary facts to make choices yourself. What does the Resource Centre cover? The database is constantly growing and we aim to make it as comprehensive as possible. Major topics are documented with cross references to related disorders; available published research is catalogued; names of centres of excellence, details of associations and lists of treatments and therapies are given.How can the Resource Centre help? Whatever the diagnosis (or even if there is no diagnosis) we hope to offer useful, detailed information which it may be difficult to source anywhere else. If you need a fuller picture of a condition, the names of possible treatment centres, the latest research on nutritional medicine, information about new drugs or suggestions for complementary therapies or the names of organisations which can help you further - simply ask us for information. Where is the Resource Centre? Our office is in central London but our service is available nationwide and internationally

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