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Early Bird and Early Bird Plus


EarlyBird (under five years) and EarlyBird Plus (ages four-nine) are support programmes for parents and carers, offering advice and guidance on strategies and approaches for dealing with young autistic children. Both programmes work on understanding autism, building confidence to encourage interaction and communication and analysing and managing behaviour.

The EarlyBird Healthy Minds programme is a six-session parent support programme to help promote good mental health in autistic children.

EarlyBird: The programme aims to support parents in the period between diagnosis and school placement, empowering and helping them facilitate their child's social communication and appropriate behaviour in their natural environment. It will help you understand your child's autism; get yourself into your child's world, make contact, and find ways to develop interaction and communication; and learn how to analyse and understand your child's behaviours and how to use structure, so you can pre-empt and cope with problem behaviours.

EarlyBird Plus: EarlyBird Plus is for parents whose child has received a later diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and is aged over four and under ten. The programme addresses the needs of both home and school settings by ideally training parents/carers together with a professional who is working regularly with their child, the aim being that a child will be given consistent support. We work to build both parents' and professionals' confidence and encourage them to problem solve together. Parents are, of course, able to attend the programme without a supporting professional.

EarlyBird Healthy Minds: The EarlyBird Healthy Minds programme is a six-session parent support programme to help promote good mental health in children with autism (including Asperger syndrome).


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Contact NAS for information on your nearest centre

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Earlybird Centre
01226 779218

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For Families - if you feel you would be interested in taking part in the programme please contact us for an 'Expression of Interest' Form For Schools/professionals - if you think a family you are currently involved with would benefit from the EarlyBird Plus programme please share this information with them.

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