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Children's psychology service


Psychologists reach a “formulation” about what is happening for a particular child, young person or their family by thinking with them about a whole range of issues - these include thinking about life experiences in general, the childs' development, their temperament, and their family situation, parents and how they have chosen to bring up their family, and school/college life.

What we do:

  • Psychologists may meet with children and families themselves, or may be available to work with, and support, the professionals and teams providing care. When working directly with children and/or their families, we will usually meet a number of times.
  • In this way psychologists do not “diagnose” a difficulty, but try to come to a wider and fully-informed understanding of the particular issues for the child/family, in the context they find themselves in, and adjust this understanding as things change.
  • For paediatric psychology the support we offer is for young people who have; diabetes; cancer; life limiting conditions; cystic fibrosis; muscular dystrophy; an allocated a Community Children’s Nurse, or are requiring preparation for a planned operations.
  • We meet with children and families in clinics, in our own meeting rooms, or sometimes in their home if appropriate. Psychologists may offer help and support to parents and families, providing advice and helping to develop strategies for coping.
  • We can provide teaching, training and consultation to bring psychological perspectives to the team around a child. We are not a mental health provision and children with primarily mental health needs would be seen by CAMHS rather than this service.

Venue Details

Multi-Agency Child and Family Support Centre (CDC)
Monkmoor Campus
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Contact Details

Children's psychology service
01743 282 373

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