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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In accordance with the latest government announcement regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, users should be aware of the instruction to stay at home, and to only leave the house for food, health reasons or essential work. You should also stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.

In light of this, the groups, clubs and societies listed within the Shropshire Community Directory will be unable to meet until further notice, and there may be a reduced service for other local and national organisations.

For further information, please contact the individual groups or organisations listed.

Through the Doorway to Healthy Living


Through the Doorway to Healthy Living is a ‘virtual’ healthy living centre working primarily in Shrewsbury, but also with a Shropshire-wide remit.

They use the term ‘virtual’ because they do not have premises of their own, preferring to use a variety of community venues across the area to provide activities within communities – in other words, they want to spend as much of their funding as possible on people rather than places.

Their aim is to reduce health inequalities (by which they mean reducing the gap between the health of different groups of people, such as the well-off compared to poorer communities or people from different ethnic backgrounds), by giving people the skills, opportunities and confidence to adopt healthier lifestyles.  They do this by providing free or low cost practical activities that can help people to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Their regular programme of activities includes Yoga and Pilates.  They also run weekly mini-music sessions for pre-school children. In addition, they often run cookery and nutrition courses, health and beauty activities and arts and heritage programmes, so please keep checking their website for up-to-date information by following the link given below.

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07528 700492

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