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Ring and Ride Church Stretton


Ring and Ride Church Stretton provide door-to-door transport for those with no other means of getting about, including trips for individuals and not-for-profit groups in the area covering Dorrington (North), Wistanstow (South), Picklescott (West) and Longville (East).

You can use the service if you:

  • do not have the use of a car;
  • live in a rural area where there is a very limited bus service available;
  • find it difficult to walk moderate distances.

The Ring and Ride provide transport for any of the following reasons:

  • visit the bank / post pffice
  • attend clubs
  • attend day care
  • visit the doctor / dentist
  • visit family / friends
  • visit the hairdresser
  • visit the Mayfair Centre
  • visit the shops / market

The service is part-funded by Shropshire Council.  Vehicles are wheelchair accessible and are driven by trained and qualified staff and volunteers.

You must book your journey 48 hours in advance by calling the number shown.

There is an annual membership fee of £20, and then a single fare based on Zone as follows:

  • Zone 1 - £1.50 (single)
  • Zone 2 - £3.00 (single)
  • Zone 3 - £4.00 (single)

There is a Group charge of £1.25 per mile, with a minimum charge of £10 per trip.

Please note:  

  • all the fares shown are for a single journey;
  • journeys are free if you have a bus pass, unless it is a special out-of-area-trip.

Shopping trips available for Members only:

  • Tesco in Ludlow on the second Wednesday of each month - departs from 9am, returns by 1pm.
  • Sainsburys in Shrewsbury on the fourth Wednesday of each month - departs from 9am, returns by 12.30pm.
  • Shrewsbury Town Centre on third Wednesday of each month - departs from 9am, returns by 12.30pm.

Each journey costs £8 return (or £4 with a bus pass).

For further informaation, please call the number shown, or discuss with one of the drivers.

Contact Details

Mayfair Community Centre
Easthope Road
Church Stretton
01694 720025 (9am-4pm)

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