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We want people with lived experience to help us review and improve Sheffield Directory – including the advice we give and the details of community resources and activities in Sheffield.

If you’d like to be involved, please email with more details about your background and an idea of some of the topics you’re interested in (more on this below).

Because there are lots of different topics, we’ll let you know what we’re reviewing at each meeting, so you can tell us if this is something that interests you and you have time to contribute. We’ll then choose a group to meet in the city centre to discuss what we provide now, and how we can improve it.

Tell us more

If you think you may want to help, or would just like to be kept informed about what we are doing right now, email with your personal contact details (full name, email address, telephone and/or mobile number) together with some details about you and the topics where you may want to be involved.

Here are a few suggestions but please add any others you are interested in:

  • How to get help to stay independent (sometimes called wellbeing or staying well services).
  • How to get support from the council to continue living at home (preventative support).
  • How to get an assessment and support plan from adult social care.
  • How to get information about local community support services. Information to make the most of living in our great city (activities, events, community participation and volunteering). Support for my condition/disability (such as autism, learning disability, older people, dementia).

If you think you’re not ready to be involved at this stage but would like to be kept informed about this work do please get in touch. We’ll be sharing a summary of the recent improvements made regularly and we’d be happy to send this to you. Just email

Many thanks. Heather and Mike.

Heather -  call (0114) 273 4763. Email

Mike - call (0114) 273 5925. Email 


What do you mean by ‘people with lived experience’?

What do you mean by ‘people with lived experience’?

We want the people that help us to review each topic to have experience of the topic. Here are a couple of examples.

  • If we’re reviewing the housing topic we’d like people who have recently looked at housing options like sheltered and extra care housing, social care or private sector renting (such as council/housing association, or a Registered Social Landlord). Or experience of other housing support like mutual exchange (also called home swop).

  • If we’re reviewing the transport and mobility topic we’d like people who have experience of using a community transport service, or regularly need support to get to appointments and activities.

What’s a meeting like?

What’s a meeting like?

Here’s a suggestion – this may change depending on the topic or the help we need. We would meet at the main Council building at the bottom of the Moor. The building has a reception and is fully accessible. The room we use will allow enough distance between people. We’ll explain the current information and advice about the topic, and any faults or issues from an initial review of the current content. We will then review the quality of this content, what’s missing or what could be improved.

Example with timings:

Meet at 10.15. Introductions and background on the topic.

10.30. Description of the structure and current content on Sheffield Directory. Discussion.

11.30. tea/coffee/comfort break.

11.45. Better elsewhere? Look at differences with other authorities/websites/resources. Discussion.

12.45. lunch.

13.25. How to go one step further (customer journey diagram, referral forms, good buying guide, if you’re interested in this you’re likely to find these tips useful…).

Thank you and finish at 14.30. Admin (such as support to leave, expenses payments, points not raised during discussions the person wants to make).

End. 15.00.
Total meeting time: 4.45 mins.

These are our initial thoughts, but we will work together as a group to develop the best ways we can work together so days, times etc may change as we proceed.

Involvement payments

Involvement payments

It’s important we pay for any ‘out of pocket’ costs involved in attending a meeting to review a topic. This includes paying for any travel costs and expenses for other areas of support like a person to help you take part, or to care for someone you look after while you take part.

We will also pay an involvement fee at £10 per hour. For the meeting in the example above the fee would be £47.50.

If you’re receiving any state benefits it’s a good idea to check with your adviser at Job Centre Plus to make sure your involvement fee won’t affect your benefits. We’ll give you a letter that explains what we’re doing. You can share this with them to make it easy to explain what you’re doing, and the payment. Please note, as there’ll be different people involved in different topics, your involvement will not be regular work and a regular wage as classed by the Department for Work and Pensions, so this should not be identified as regular work.

We’ll need to see evidence of your travel expenses (such as a bus ticket, taxi receipt). Expenses for travel will be paid as a payment to your bank account (often called a BACS payment) or by cheque. For any other expenses we can agree these in advance of the meeting including how these will be paid.

If you prefer you can decline payment for your involvement. If you’re not part of the meeting you can still choose to give your views on the topic – either in writing (letter/email) or by speaking to us before the meeting or once you read the comments and feedback we received. This would not be paid, as this is not involvement that has been specifically invited to attend or contribute to.

If you’d like more information about our adult social care involvement policy please contact us for a copy of the guidance on this.

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