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Rutland Information Service

Rutland’s SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2019

We want to support all children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities aged 0-25 so they can…

  • Live Independently
  • Stay Healthy
  • Take part in Education and Employment
  • Have friendships and be part of a community
  • Keep Safe

In Rutland we want to make sure everyone has the support which meets their needs close to where they live.

Our inclusion strategy helps us to look at ‘what works really well and what we want to do better’.

It helps the people who support you to work together to understand what support you need, and that it makes a difference to you and your family.

It will be supported by ‘Actions’, which will help everyone to make sure your views are listened to and acted on.

We want to understand the needs of our children and young people sooner and put support in place earlier.

We want more children to be able to maintain their education and their family life in Rutland, when it is best for them.

Children and parents will have more choice and feel more in control of their support plan, because they will be included in all decisions about their support.

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