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Buttle UK

Buttle UK is named after Reverend Frank Buttle, a remarkable man whose hard work and personal sacrifice helped to establish our grant programmes, which have been helping children and young people in need across the UK.

What we do

We are a charity dedicated to helping children and young people who are in crisis reach their potential by providing small but targeted and effective interventions via our Chances for Children Grants.

These grants can range from a single household item such as a bed, to larger, more comprehensive grants to help remove the material barriers to education, training or wellbeing a child or young person may be facing.

How it works

With the exception of grants for boarding school fees, which can be applied for by parents or carers, all applications must be made by a support worker.

You may have a support worker already, they are the term we use for someone who works for a statutory agency or voluntary organisation that helps a client in a professional capacity. They may be a health worker, a youth support worker, housing support officer, someone connected to their school or college or someone in a similar role.

Who to contact

020 7828 7311
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