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We are a specialist service working with parents and their partners who have experienced having a child removed through care proceedings.

What we do

We can offer intense support for parents over a long period of time through 3 different pathways, A, B and C.  

Pathway A - Support available for up to two years after care-proceedings where a child has not been able to remain in the care of parents.

Pathway B - Support during pregnancy. We want to be involved as early as possible so need to start working with parents before 20 weeks.

Pathway C - Support for parents from pathway B after child birth where they are able to care for their baby. Support can be available for up to 5 years.

We work across Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood and Pennines. We are made up of a practice manager, two lead practitioners, two family practitioners and a midwife.

Who we support

Professional referrals will be made to the service through our Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHASH).

Parents can make self-referrals by contacting us on 0300 303 0440.

The criteria for support from our NEST service is:

  • Mum to be is 20 or less weeks pregnant.
  • Where a child in the family has been removed from the care of the pregnant mother through public care proceedings.
  • The mother’s partner, whether biological father or not to unborn, has had previous children removed from his care through public care proceedings.
  • Parents must have no children living in their care.
  • Non-pregnant women who have had children removed through care proceedings within the last 2 years. 

Our mission

  • We are a service which was created to support families to rebuild their lives following the loss of a child / children through care proceedings.
  • We are invested in helping you to come to terms with your loss and offer support.
  • You can access our support anytime up to 2 years from the date of your final hearing.
  • Our commitment to you is that  we will work with you to realise your strengths, set goals and achieve your aspirations.
  • We will guide you through your difficulties and help you lay the path for a new future.
  • We can help you on this journey for 2 years.

Haven mother's

Our service has been developed in partnership with Haven; a Rochdale Connections Trust support group for mothers that have had children placed into care.

Haven mothers have helped us to understand what is needed in the borough and what is needed to provide the best service to you. This has been achieved by reflecting on their own experiences and using that to make a positive change within this service.

A Haven mother stated that if she could have given herself advice four years ago, it would have been:

“No matter how heartbreaking and painful this experience is right now, the intensity of this pain is temporary. You will be able to live your life and move forward, whilst always carrying your children in your heart.  Accepting support is the key to a stronger future”.

What parents can expect from us

Together with NEST, parents will be:

  • Provided with a reflective journal to enable thoughts, feelings and wishes around past and current trauma to be expressed.
  • Given the opportunity to work very early on in pregnancy so that timely pre-birth assessments are undertaken.
  • Supported to identify areas for change and build on their strengths, set personal goals and think about things from different perspectives.
  • Offered individual packages of support to address any issues including alcohol, mental health and substance misuse.
  • Able to build positive open and honest relationships through intensive and frequent contact.
  • Able to reflect on their feelings of past experiences, trauma and grief and loss.
  • Able to move on from the past and  focus on the future

Together we can support our parents to:

  • Build and keep healthy relationships
  • Be ready to parent again
  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Live in a safe home and environment
  • Budget well and manage debt
  • Make positive social connections
  •  Be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy
  • Access the right services

We support our parents who are expecting or have babies/children in their care to:

  • Keep their baby/child safe from harm
  • Develop  healthy parent – child attachments/bonding
  • Support  baby/child to reach their full potential
  • Provide baby/child stability and consistent care

Other useful organisations

Who to contact

0300 303 0440

Where to go

Venue address
Derby Street Childrens Centre
Derby Street
OL10 4QJ
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