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Team for Visual Impairment (Rochdale Additional Needs Service)

The Team for Visual Impairment is made up of specialist staff who work to promote the inclusion and achievement of children and young people aged 0 to 25, with a visual impairment. A visual impairment is a loss of vision that may not be corrected with glasses or contact lenses and that affects learning.

What we do

We support children from the time of referral to when they leave school/college. The team works in schools, settings or homes.  We carry out assessments, teach, produce resources, provide information and offer mobility and independent living skills training. We work closely with families and key workers.

We carry out assessments and provide advice and training to ensure families and staff in settings have the knowledge and skills to support the development and achievement of their child or young person with a visual impairment.

We also provide direct support and teaching to the child, as appropriate, including specialist skills such as Braille, use of low vision aids/specialist equipment, improved use of vision, mobility and independence skills.

The level of support offered to each child and family is based on the child’s needs linked to their visual impairment, their stage of development and the knowledge and support they have around them.

Some children will need support on a weekly (or more) basis for many years while others will be seen far less frequently or only on request from the school or parents.

Mobility and Independence Skills (Habilitation)

Habilitation training includes:

  • The teaching of early movement skills.
  • Cane training.
  • Route learning and independent living skills.

In Rochdale, the training is delivered by a Habilitation specialist with a qualification in Paediatric Habilitation.

A teacher for children with a visual impairment will refer your child to the Habilitation specialist for assessment. Habilitation training is available to children and young people with a visual impairment living within the borough, if they are identified as having difficulties with their mobility and independence skills and this is directly as a result of a visual impairment. This training can be offered at any time from the child’s birth until they leave school/college (up to the age of 18).

Training takes place during the normal school day and during term-time in a variety of settings including the home, school or in community settings.

Who to contact

01706 926400

Where to go

Name of venue
Number One Riverside
Venue address
Smith Street
OL16 1XU

Local Offer

Local Offer Ages
0-4 (Birth to Pre-School)
4-10 (Primary School)
11-16 (Secondary School)
16-18 (Transitions into Adulthood)
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