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Together Trust - Family Support Services

Together Trust provides a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and therapy services to enable families caring for children and young people with complex conditions, including autism and learning difficulties to get the help they need at specific times.

What we do

The services offer practical solutions, help and support to ensure families, children and young people get the best from their school and home life.

Our specialist services can support you and your child to focus on ordinary life and independence skills such as self care, toileting, sleeping and eating programmes that can transform the need for ongoing carer support and help. These services deliver not just huge positive change to families but build your child’s independence skills, self esteem and confidence that will support them now and into adulthood. Help with toilet training, sleep, eating, and becoming independent makes a huge difference to family life and the possibilities for each child.  

Our specialist therapy services provide direct speech and language therapy and occupational therapy to children and young people at home, school and in other environments. Therapists offer bespoke and nationally accredited training courses to professionals, parents and carers.

What we offer

Our range of SEN and therapy support services offer practical solutions, help and support to families and professionals.

We offer a range of services enabling families caring for children/young people with complex conditions to get the help they need, ensuring they get the best from school and home life.

Looking at the bigger picture together with families and the young person’s workforce, we ensure that support is tailored to enhance positive life opportunities and choices.

For further information please contact us on: 0161 283 4848 or email us.

Rochdale 1 to 1 sleep clinic

The Together Trust are running a new 1 to 1 sleep clinic service for parents/carers who have concerns about their children’s social/communication skills and who are struggling with their child’s sleep. The service is for children who are under 5 years old.

The service is initially for a year and will run in four Children’s Centres across the region.

Appointments can be booked directly by parents by phoning our admin team on 0161 286 4201. Parents do not need to bring their child to the appointment and appointments last for one hour.

Who to contact

0161 286 4201

Where to go

Venue address
The Together Trust Centre
Schools Hill

Our central office is based in Cheadle, Stockport however individual family appointments and location can be arranged to suit a family’s needs. We work in a variety of settings including the child’s home, nursery, school, college and social care service.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Appointments can be arranged to meet individual needs

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