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Family Action - Education and Welfare Grants

We know by giving a small grant when it’s needed the most, we can remove immediate financial barriers, thereby helping families to work through the bigger issues they’re facing such as fleeing abuse or keeping their children in school. 

What we do

Our grants programmes complement our aim to strengthen families and communities, build skills and resilience and improve the life chances of everyone we work with.

Our small grants programmes focuses on the two areas of welfare and education. We believe these to be two of the key areas in which we can really make a difference to support families, both those facing an immediate domestic need and those seeking to improve their educational and employment prospects.

Our grants programmes

Welfare grants programme

Family Action’s Welfare Grants programme aims to help prevent an immediate crisis from spiralling and threatening the stability of families and individuals. 

A broken washing machine for example would for many of us be a financial burden to replace; for a family with three children and a very low income however it may mean taking out a high-street loan and plunging further debt.

Welfare grants are an integral part of our whole family approach to finding solutions for those who need it the most. Coupled with emotional and practical support, grants help us to create a safety net for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society.

Educational grants programme

Family Action distributes grants to individuals over the age of 14, looking to unlock their educational potential by participating in further education.

Many individuals face challenges during their time at college which may mean they’re unable to complete their studies and pursue their future career goals. For others, their life situation may change meaning they need to re-train to gain employment that suits their family life.

Family Action’s Educational Grants Programme helps individuals to begin their studies as well as supporting existing students to continue and complete their studies.

How to apply

To apply for the welfare grants you should enter your email address at the login page at:

If you’re eligible to register, you’ll be taken to the registration process. This will check our systems and allow you to associate yourself with an existing organisation, or create a new one if required. You will then need to tell us some information about yourself, and verify you can receive emails to the address you specified.

For details of the Educational grants please see our website (external link).

Who to contact

020 7254 6251

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