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Free parenting plan and divorce advice and information

Sorting out the arrangements for children following divorce or separation can be one of the hardest, most contentious issues a couple will face when their relationship breaks down. The role of a parenting plan is invaluable.

What we do

We provide some help and advice, including a downloadable plan, which can be used as a basis for discussion when agreeing child arrangements.

A parenting plan clearly demonstrates parents’ commitment to a shared cause and provides a framework for putting the children’s best interests first. It enables both parents to be fully involved in all of the key aspects of decision-making and childcare.

The advantages of a parenting plan include:

  • Reduced legal fees.
  • Increased stability.
  • Reduced conflict.
  • Demonstrable commitment to the best interests of children.
  • Keeps parents from courtroom contention.
  • Flexibility.
  • Better long term prospects.
  • Easier and swifter than going to court.
  • Allows for input from children.
  • Can be tailored to family-specific situations.
  • Provides a reference tool for future conflict/disagreement.

Our website is a free online resource full of information and guides about the divorce process, financial settlements in divorce, child arrangements (sometimes referred to as custody or child) cohabitation separation, civil partnership dissolution, domestic violence orders, and much more.

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