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Greater Manchester Refugee Support Partnership

Greater Manchester Refugee Support Partnership project (GMRSP) is a partnership between Refugee Action, Rainbow Haven, Revive and British Red Cross.

What we do

The partnership aims to:

  • Provide a more welcoming enviroment for Refugee and Asylum┬áSeekers (RAS)
  • Support RAS to find durable routes out of destitution.
  • Improve skills, employability and emotional wellbeing.
  • Support better integration of asylum seekers into their local communities.
  • Ensure RAS voices are heard by local and national decision makers.
  • Work to improve positive attitudes and better understanding of RAS in the media and lcoal communities.

Staff and volunteers from the four agencies will work together to meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers at six local hubs thoughout Greater Manchester, the support will include wellbeing activities, ESOL and IT classes, case working, employability courses, volunteering, legal advice, advocacy and training and support.

Visit each partnerships website for session details.

Who to contact

0161 888 8932 British Red Cross
0161 831 5420 Refugee Action
0161 831 5420 Revive
0161 370 3472 Rainbow Haven
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