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Childhood illnesses and wellbeing

Access the common childhood illnesses booklet

Every parent or carer wants to do what is best for their growing baby and to give them the best start in life. These resources aims to help you understand what to do and who to ask in a number of situations; including what to do when your baby or child is unwell.

Group A strep (GAS) and scarlet fever

Commonly known as Group A strep - is a common bacterial germ that can cause scarlet fever. These bacteria can also cause other respiratory and skin infections such as strep throat and impetigo (a skin infection).

Find out what to do if you think your child has Group A Strep.

Childhood illnesses

Rochdale's guide to childhood illnesses and wellbeing.  Learn how to care for your child at home, when to seek advice from a health visitor or call a doctor and when to use emergency services.

NHS 111 is a service staffed by a team of fully trained advisers, supported by experienced nurses and paramedics. They will ask you questions to assess your symptoms, then give you the healthcare advice you need or direct you straightaway to the local service that can help you best.

Pharmacies As qualified healthcare professionals, they can offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for a range of minor illnesses, such as coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy trouble and aches and pains.

GP's and health centres All GPs will see a child quickly if you are worried. At evenings and weekends, when your GP practice might be closed, call the practice as usual and you will be directed to out-of-hours services.

Emergencies A&E and 999 are emergency services that should only be used when babies and children are badly injured or show symptoms of critical illness. These may be choking, breathing difficulties, severe abdominal pain or when they’re unconscious, unaware of surroundings or have taken poison or tablets.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership resources Here you can get links to videos and download leaflets and documents to help fuel the devolution conversation in your workplace, community or social network.

Childhood wellbeing 

#Thrive is for children and young people aged up to 19 years who are experiencing emotional health and wellbeing issues such as feeling stresses, worries or not enjoying things.

Children's Community Nursing Team We are open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year. If your child needs urgent care that isn’t an emergency and you can’t get an appointment with your GP, our advanced paediatric nurse practitioners can help. Please contact the Children’s Acute and Ongoing Needs Service on 01706 676777 to book an appointment.

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale School Nursing Service School nurses work with school age children and young people up to the age of 20 years, with the aim of ensuring they experience the very best health and wellbeing and can reach their full potential.

Essential Parent is an online resources for expert-led, evidence-based parental advice. All our baby care advice is supported by the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health and follows expert advice from the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative.

Safe Sleep for Babies is an online resources for parents, carers and practitioners giving advice and support from the Lullaby Trust and Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Partnership.

Babies Cry, You Can Cope ICON is a programme aimed at helping parents and carers with young babies to cope with infant crying.

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