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Connecting You

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The teams in Connecting You focus on prevention – identifying the parts of your life which can be improved now to help you to be more healthy and well. They can give you information or provide you with a bit - or a lot, of support depending how able or motivated you are to help yourself.

It may be that you need help with things like employment and education, housing, money management, accessing preventative services such as health screening and immunisation, feeling part of a community or have a healthier lifestyles like stopping smoking, losing weight or exercising more.


Community Connectors

The Community Connectors will talk to you about areas of your life you want to improve. They will then provide information, advice, signposting and if you wish, referring you to the appropriate team, organisation or person to support you to achieve this.

Community Connectors can provide this service in outreach locations for example your local library or community centre or in one of our EASY (Early Access to Support for You) hubs which are located throughout the borough.  EASY hubs are only open for people to call in without an appointment at specific times, details are available by clicking on the hub you wish to visit.

Heywood EASY Hub (internal link)

Middleton EASY Hub (internal link)

Pennine EASY Hub (internal link)

Rochdale EASY Hub (internal link)

The team generally work 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday however; can sometimes make arrangements to speak to you outside these hours if required. We also visit many areas of the borough please contact us for days and times in your area.

Telephone: 0300 303 8886

Emergency Duty out of hours telephone: 0300 303 8875


The Wellbeing Planner

The Wellbeing Planner is an online tool within Our Rochdale which you can work through to plan how you will make improvements to your life. It will take you through, step by step, all the aspects which are determined as being important to people.

The planner will then produce a plan, specifically for you, including timescales set by you, which you can follow. It will include the contact details of organisations who can help with this.

If you set up an account within Our Rochdale you can take as long as you need to build your plan and keep coming back to it.

Create your Health and Wellbeing Plan (internal link)

The Wellbeing Checker

The Wellbeing Checker is an online check list which you can use to quickly figure out the areas of your life in which you want to make improvements. It will ask questions and prompt you to decide how able you are to help yourself. Based on the answers to the questions, the checker will then either point you to the best team to help you or, if there are a number of options which make it difficult to decide, to the Community Connectors who can work through it with you.

Living Well Health Trainer

A Health trainer will help you to start to develop healthier behaviours and lifestyles in your own local community. You will be offered up to 6 face to face or telephone sessions, which will help you achieve big differences through small realistic steps. This may involve encouraging you to:

  • Stop smoking
  • Participate in increased physical activity
  • Eat more healthily
  • Drink sensibly

Explaining how a healthy lifestyle can benefit you is an important part of the assessment.

During your first appointment with the Health Trainer, you will be able to assess your lifestyle and wellbeing and talk about the kind of support you are looking for. Together you will agree on a number of personal health goals, discuss how best to achieve them and agree action plans.  They will provide practical support by:

  • Helping you identify how your behavior’s may be affecting your health
  • Supporting you to create a health plan to help make changes to improve your health and wellbeing
  • Helping you to become more knowledgeable about things that can affect your health and wellbeing

This could include signposting you to other agencies and professionals as appropriate.

The service is available in a range of locations across the Rochdale borough.  This includes community centres, doctors’ practices, library’s, sure start centres, leisure facilities. 

The team work 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday however; can make arrangements to see or speak to you outside these hours if required.

You can contact us by email or by telephone on 01706 751190

Living Well Coaches

A Living Well Coach will support you to make changes to improve your health and wellbeing.  They will see people with multiple lifestyle risks ie smoking, unhealthy use of alcohol, diet, exercise, poor mental health (low mood, anxiety) debt and housing. The aim is to coach people with multiple lifestyle risks to make changes in health and wellbeing behaviours

You will have an initial one-to-one assessment (face to face) which will look at your motivation to change, supporting you to identify aspirations, goals and actions.  You will then be offered face-to-face or telephone follow-up appointments, as agreed between yourself and the Coach for up to 12 months.

The Coach will focus on three important things:

  • Addressing what is most important to you,
  • Improving your skills at undertaking goals 
  • Understand how to translate healthy behaviours into your day to day life. 

The Coach will work with you using a set of practical tools and techniques including goal setting, problem solving and motivational support to help you reframe your problems, build on your strengths and learn how to make changes that are sustainable.  They will connect you up with other people and activities, or signpost you to other agencies and professionals to support your change and help you stay on track as appropriate. 

Coaches can spend more time with you with face to face or telephone appointments for up to 12 months, helping you to understand and deal with the root causes of your behaviours which you want to address.  The assessment will focus on the tools and techniques for behaviour change and on translating health information into reality helping you to make lasting positive changes to your lifestyles/wellbeing.

The service is available in a range of locations across the Rochdale borough.  This includes community centres, doctors’ practices, library’s, sure start centres, leisure facilities. 

The team work 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday however; can make arrangements to see or speak to you outside these hours if required.

You can contact us by email or by telephone on 01706 751190

Health and Wellbeing Coordinators

Our team are based in 6 areas of the Borough and work closely with health staff and other teams to help you access local community groups and improve your social connections.

We will help you find new activities whether you are interested in improving your balance and mobility, getting fit, learning to cook, joining friendship groups, arts and craft activities, music or dance, local history or learning new skills such as digital photography or computers. Our staff will meet you to discuss your interests and support you as you try out new activities and improve your social circle.

Focused Care Practictioners

If you feel you have a lot of different issues that need help unpicking and are unsure where to start, ask to speak to your Focused Care Practitioner via your GP* surgery. They will be able to help you look at many different aspects which affect your health and help to find the support you need. More information is available on our website (external link)

*Please note that whilst the number of practices with a Focused Care is HMR increasing, some practices in HMR do not yet offer this service. 

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