Early Help

Every family is unique and everyone can go through problems that are difficult to deal with. Often it's useful for families to know exactly who can help them, such as a council service, a charity or a health provider. Key workers such as teachers or children's centre staff can agree an action plan with you to make sure you get the right support.

They can do this by doing an early help assessment which brings together different services to discuss any concerns in your family and help you solve them. If you would like more information please contact the Early Help Locality Teams or email early.help@rochdale.gov.uk 

Find services by subject

Local advice

  1. Help with the cost of living

    We have support services and advice for families who are struggling financially or in hardship. There are many money saving schemes available to local residents.
  2. Help with food for families

    Find support if you need help with food for your family. We have local food banks and you can join our food club. We can help with food vouchers for children on free school meals and for families experiencing difficult times, through the household fund.…
  3. Information for Ukrainian Nationals arriving in the UK

    This page is to help Ukrainians who have recently arrived in Rochdale. It should be read in conjunction with the guidance from the British Red Cross this guidance is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Please see Government guidance for Ukrainians arriving in the UK 
  4. Parenting & Family Relationships Programmes

    Our programmes provide group support, advice and guidance to parents and carers living in Rochdale to support healthy and respectful family relationships.  They are a great way to help understand different behaviours and development stages of your baby, child or teenager and understand the importance…

Local services

  1. Early Help Neighbourhood Teams

    The Early Help Locality Team is a service working with children and young people to offer family support. It involves listening to you and your child to find out what you need and what is working well in your child's life. Practitioners please log in for further…
  2. Home Start Rochdale and Bury

    Home-Start Family Support Charity, offers practical and emotional support for any family with a child under the age of twelve years old. We provide low level relaxed, informal help and support on a regular basis in the families own home, for as long as it…