Better apps for your health and wellbeing

Apps present a fantastic opportunity to provide us with valuable health information and advice which can help us improve our health and wellbeing.

Our Rochdale has partnered up with the ORCHA platform to offer the best health and wellbeing apps that are rated as the most effective.

The ORCHA platform reviews and scores the apps to help users know which ones are clinically approved, good quality and safe.

What we do

We’ve reviewed thousands of health apps and handpicked the best. They are safe, secure, deliver results and can be found in our health app library.

We test more apps than anyone, which helps us to cover more conditions and be on top of new releases of apps. Find apps proven to help in pregnancy, weight loss, stopping smoking, mental wellbeing, diabetes and much more.


Orcha website

See frequently asked questions page on Orcha website 

Page last reviewed: 31/07/2023