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HMRC Online Tax and Business Training for childminders

If you are currently working for yourself as a childminder, or are thinking of becoming one, you will need to consider how your self employed business will meet the requirements of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for taxation and National Insurance.

As a self employed individual, you will be responsible for your own taxes and to help you, HMRC have a large selection of e-Learning workshops and tools available to help you with topics such as business records, expenses and National Insurance.

Starting your own business

HMRC have an easy to use e-Learning tool dedicated to helping you get off to a great start with your new business called Tax Advice for Childminders (external link). The online presentation covers a number of topics, including:

  • Informing HMRC about your business.
  • National Insurance contributions.
  • Record keeping.
  • Business expenses.
  • Self assessment.
  • Growing your business, including VAT and employing staff members.

The e-Learning tool is designed specifically for childminders and Early Years providers. You can stop the activity at any time and return again later if you'd like to review anything.

There is also a useful tool called Self-employed Business Expenses (external link) this online presentation covers topics including:

  • Allowable business expenses.
  • Revenue day to day expenses.
  • Capital allowances.
  • Simplified expenses.
  • Help and support.

Useful tools

The HMRC website also has a number of useful tools to assist with other taxation related queries such as:

Ready reckoner

Ready reckoner is useful information and is used for calculating how much you should save towards Tax and National Insurance.

Please see the GOV.UK website to access the ready reckoner (external link).

HMRC webinars

These are visual recorded presentations which include topics such as self assessment, record keeping and even expenses. These are currently scheduled throughout the year and allow you to interact with the presenters to ask questions. If you're unable to make one of the set times, you can also view them on YouTube to ensure you don't miss out.

Please see the GOV.UK website for further information (external link).

Record keeping tools

If you'd like help with record keeping, HMRC have a number of tools available to you, by both commercial and non-commercial partners. A number are available to download to popular smartphones such as Apple iPhone and Google Android handsets - allowing you to keep track of your business when you're on the go. Some of these also feature the ability to scan copies of receipts so you can see your cash flow and taxation liabilities at any time.

Please see the GOV.UK website for further information (external link).

Help and support

If you have any queries in regards to self employment, or your tax liabilities as a childminder, you can contact the HMRC Self Employment Helpline on 0300 200 3300.

HMRC small business key messages

You can receive a monthly newsletter update direct from HMRC. This is a short document which helps small business keep up to date with any changes to regulations, general guidance and information on products and services.

To access the updates see the GOV.UK website (external link).

Social media

You can find HMRC on a variety of social media outlets, with videos and helpful guides available on the HMRC YouTube Channel (external link). There is also a dedicated Twitter account for small business (@HMRCbusiness

Who to contact

You can contact HMRC by telephone on 0300 200 3300 or by visiting their website

Last Updated: 26/02/2021
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