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Safe After School Campaign

The Safe After School campaign is a new campaign launched to support parents with advice and guidance on out of school activities.

Clubs, classes and tutorial sessions offer great ways for children and young people to develop their skills and confidence as well as having fun, but it comes as quite a shock to many parents that where they send their child to, may actually not be regulated.  Even people who have committed criminal offences can legally continue to work in roles like children's entertainer or private tutor.

There have been many instances, nationally as well as locally, about inappropriate behaviour and abuse perpetrated by adults in a position of trust at an after school activity. 

We have launched the Safe After School campaign to help parents and carers make sure that their children will be happy and protected in after school and extra-curricular activities.

What should parents ask providers?

Can I stay to observe the sessions? 

Can I read your policy on safeguarding children? 

Can I read your health and safety policy? 

What emergency procedures do you have in place? 

Can I have a copy of your code of conduct for staff, volunteers and for children? 

Are all staff trained in safeguarding and first aid? 

Who do I speak to if I have any concerns? 

Do you have a child safeguarding page on your website, leaflet or information sheet that I can read?

For further guidance see the Safe after school - parent booklet and the parent questions card under 'Downloads'.

What should providers do?

Providers should have the relevant safeguarding procedures in place and be able to answer parents questions regarding their child's safety even if they are not regulated, to help protect themselves and their business. 

High quality clubs and organisations will always welcome questions about their activities, the safety of their environment and the care of children. 

We have delivered training to a variety of providers and delivered information sessions to parents on the right questions to ask. Schools also sent children home with a leaflet on the campaign and a card with the questions on, for parents to refer to when sending children to activities.

For further guidance see the Safe after school - provider booklet under 'Downloads'.

For more information or if you have a concern

For more information see Safer After School - Advice and Resources on the Rochdale Safeguaring website.

If you have a concern about a provider then please report it to:, or if a child is in immediate danger - dial 999.

Last Updated: 17/03/2023
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