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Rochdale Adult Care - Equipment to help you at home

If you're having difficulty with everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking or with moving round your home, specialist equipment could help you do these things safely and independently.

If you're the carer for someone with physical health problems, having the right equipment can help make your work easier and safer.

What sort of equipment is there?

There's a wide range - you may be surprised at what's available. This list doesn't cover everything but will give you some idea:

  • Shower stools
  • Bath lifts/shower boards
  • Helping hands - gadget for picking things up from the floor
  • Grab rails - for example, to help you get around in your home, or keep your balance in the bath
  • Raised toilet seats/toilet frames  
  • Commodes - for example, to help people who can't get to the bathroom by themselves

Can I get equipment for free?

It depends on whether you're eligible for care and support from the council and also on the type of equipment.

After a spell in hospital, or after seeing your GP, district nurse or social worker you may be offered the chance to see a specially-trained professional such as an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist. Following an assessment you may be offered equipment for free to help you to do things more safely or independently in your home.

To work out how much help you need, use the link below to request a care and support assessment by Adult Care Services.

If it's identified that you need more significant equipment such as hoist or slings, an occupational therapist will discuss this with you and recommend the most appropriate equipment. You may need to have a financial assessment to see if you can pay towards the costs.    

If you aren't eligible for support from Adult Care Services, we'll advise you on where to get it independently. 

Request a care and support assessment on the Rochdale Borough Council website. 

Equipment providers and advice - useful links

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Last Updated: 17/03/2023
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