Rochdale Borough Council Preferred Home Care Providers

The Rochdale Borough Council (RBC) Preferred Home Care Providers is a list of organisations offering services which have been assessed as meeting an acceptable standard of quality by the Council’s Commissioning Team. 

RBC cannot recommend any organisations and are not responsible for how the organisations listed deliver a service. The preferred list does not imply that RBC endorses the organisations and no responsibility is assumed for the information in their entries or their services.

Organisations providing services wanting to be on the preferred list can apply through The Chest Portal.

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What is the Chest Portal?

The Chest Portal is the North West's Local Authority Procurement Portal.

The Chest Portal has been created with funding from the North West Centre of Excellence to bring together buyers and suppliers making it easier for businesses to find out about new sources of potential revenue and to grow and develop to the benefit of the local economy.

Local Authorities in the north west currently spend between £6bn and £6.5bn each year on goods and services so they could provide long-term stability for local businesses.

Apply through the Chest Portal

Suppliers can register online via the Suppliers’ Area to receive email updates on opportunities that match their capabilities. Suppliers can reduce tendering costs by registering their interest in opportunities online.

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