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Parents and carers are the most important people in a child's life but family life can be challenging and difficult at times. Every family is different and has different needs and requirements so it's important that parents and carers can find the best help they need at the time they need it. The Reading Services Guide has information and links to services that offer help and support to parents. These include local or national services.


Page reviewed June 2022

Food and School Uniform support for Reading families

The following local organisations provide free food, no referral is needed to access their service. Please click here for more details

To access the ReadiFood Food Parcels a referral needs to be made, please visit their website to find out more

There are a number of local organisations that have also helped in the past with pre-used school uniforms please click here to find out more. Contact them directly for more details.

The following organisations provide school uniforms however families will need to be referred click here for their contact details.

Contact Reading Citizen Advice Bureau if you need further help and support click here

The turn2us charity website has a charity search to find organisations that may be able to help with grants visit