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Prince's Trust Team programme

12 week personal development course for unemployed 16-25 year olds; offering work experience, qualifications, practical skills, community projects and a residential week. - Young people will gain a qualification in Employment, Teamwork & Community Skills - Complete a residential week - Level 2 Food Hygiene…
Start date: 20/01/2020 Town: Nottingham Cost: Free

Better By Bike

Our Better by Bike project is for anyone in Nottingham aged 18 or over who is experiencing stress, anxiety or depression that is affecting their day today wellbeing. We offer a range of free activities to support participants to become confident cyclists so they can…
Start date: 21/01/2020 Town: Nottingham Cost: FREE

Administering Medication

Do you assist someone in taking medication, or is your own medication regime complicated? If so, this course could be all you need to avoid the pitfalls and complications of making mistakes
Start date: 28/01/2020 Town: Nottingham Cost: £50.00

Complex Autism - Speech, Sensory, Cognition and Behaviour

What do you do if your child doesn't communicate? How do you go out in the community if your child covers their ears when it's noisy or won't sit still at a table? How do you cope with hand-flapping, biting or hiding under covers? What…
Start date: 28/01/2020 Town: Mansfield Cost: £30

Moving & Positioning Training

Do you assist someone to get up and about? This course will help teach you the right way to do this with simple safe techniques. It will look at how to avoid injury to yourself whilst making transfers safe for the person you support
Start date: 30/01/2020 Town: Nottingham Cost: £55.00

Sensory Processing - understanding, exploring and regulating the senses

An essential workshop for parents, carers and professionals who support children with sensory processing difficulties. Riding a bike, knowing you are thirsty, writing with a pencil and walking in a line down a crowded hallway are all examples of our brain processing and using sensory…
Start date: 04/02/2020 Town: Mansfield Cost: £25

1-Introduction to Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults 2-Infection Control

This course aims to help learners understand their responsibilities for safeguarding children & Vulnerable Adults. It explains how to recognise and respond to abuse, how to respond to a disclosure, and how to report and record concerns.
Start date: 07/02/2020 Town: Basford North Gate Cost: £35+ Vat for each Course

Positive Support for behaviours that challenge

Do you find your child’s behaviour difficult to manage at times? Would you like to understand more about why children lose their temper or display behaviours that challenge - including withdrawing or shutting down? Come and meet our friendly team and learn more about supporting…
Start date: 11/02/2020 Town: Mansfield Cost: £25

Building Brave - Strategies to help your child manage anxiety

This course will provide you with understanding and strategies to help manage anxiety issues and promote mental health wellbeing within your child. The course is aimed at children with special/additional needs, however the knowledge and strategies may be suitable for all children and young adults.…
Start date: 25/02/2020 Town: Mansfield Cost: £25

Nordic Walking Beginner's Course (5 weeks)

Learn to Nordic Walk in the enchanted Sherwood Forest! This Nordic walking beginner’s course, run by Tracy from Sherwood Nordic Walking, is suitable for everyone. Nordic walking is a full body workout, but it can be as gentle as you like. Using specially designed poles,…
Start date: 25/02/2020 Town: Edwinstowe Cost: £75.00

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