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You Said We Did

 You Said We Did

This section provides an overview of the action we have taken following the feedback we have received regarding the site.

 1.     Feedback - To be able to easily identify the organisations that have a contract with or are accredited by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Action – A filter has been added to easily identify within all sections of the Adults Directory whether an organisation is an NCC Contacted provider there is also a filter for organisations that have achieved the Dementia Quality Mark.

 2.     Feedback - For it to be easier to find home care providers / supported living providers  and Care agencies on the site.

Action – Within the updated version of the Nott’s help yourself website you can now search more easily including by subject. Within the Help in your home and community button there are now categories named Homecare / Care agencies and Supported living to make it easier for members of the public to find the services they are looking for.

 3.     Search function to be improved to make it easier to find key word terms.

Action – More key words have been added onto records in order to make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for. Since the prelaunch of the site from April 1st 2016 the search bar will default to searching the whole site when a person adds a search term. This will reduce the number of null searches generated by it only searching within filtered records. Users can change this to the specific category they want to search.

 4.     Feedback - A separate section for “Equipment” as it difficult to find equipment within the site.

Action - There is a category for Mobility aids, Adaptations and Equipment within the Help in your home and community section. There is also a specific Equipment and living aids button on the front page of the site under additional services. This makes it easier to find specific pieces of equipment.

5. Feedback - Needs to be clear on the site that in order to view contact details for Personal Assistants within the Personal Assistant Finder that you have to sign in / register as a user of the site.

Action - Information has now been added to the Personal Assistant finder advising In order to access the contact details for the listed PA's please create a user account.

6. Feedback - On the previous section of the site it was unclear which category to look in to find information as had 5 options Adults, Communities, Families, Local Offer and Supported Self-care.

Action - Following feedback the site is now easier to navigate and you can search using the search bar for keywords, Search by Subject, Age, condition and District.

7. Feedback - Within the specific Condition button can the category Hearing impairment be changed to Deaf / Hearing impairment?

Action- this has now been actioned

8. Feedback - We received feedback when the new site was launched that some of the hyperlinks to records within subject categories were not working.

Action - This has now been fixed.

9. Feedback - There were no contact details showing for 3 gardening services within Newark.

Action - This was looked into and the cause of the problem identified. The records mentioned now do have contact details and we are working to ensure any other records affected by the issue are updated as they are idenified.

 10. Feedback - There have been several searches carried out for the register to recycle at local recycling centre scheme which was not generating results.

Action - A record has been created that links to the relevant NCC page to enable someone to register.

11. Feedback - When searching for 'Ramps' on the website it did not bring up any specific results.

Action - If you go within the Equipment and Living Aids section and type Ramps in the search box within this section, it will bring up relevant results. We are going to take it forward that results can be brought forward from this section in the main search.

 12. Feedback - Not understanding the term 'Local Offer'. Not understanding the EHC process after being on the site. Would like to know more about funding.

Action - Local Offer- The term “Local Offer” is something that was defined by the Department for Education. The Local Offer is something that all Local Authorities in England have been statutorily required to put in place since September 2014. What a Local Offer has to be is set in the Children and Families Act 2014 and in great detail in Chapter 4 of the revised Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2015). Essentially it is intended to be a single place where parents, carers and children/young people can information that the local authority has published about the provision that is available across education, health and social care for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities, whether they have an Education, Health and Care Plan or not.

 The DfE termed this a Local Offer because it is about describing what services and provision – “the offer” is available in the local area. The intention behind requiring all local authorities to call it a “Local Offer” was to make it clear to parents, young people etc, that the local authority had published a local authority and where they could find it. (The danger was that different local might call it different things and there would be confusion and a lack of clarity about whether local authorities were meeting their statutory obligations). The Council for Disabled Children video on the Nottinghamshire Local Offer website provides further information about what the Local Offer is and what it’s intended to do.

 Education, Health and Care Plans - We have developed an animation which can be found on the Local Offer homepage which explains the Education, Health and Care Plan Pathway and provides an overview of the role of the Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan in that process. The  EHC Plan is something that is put in place for children and young people who have complex needs and may require complex arrangements or specialist provision to meet those needs. It is hard to provide real life examples of the benefits of an EHC Plan because each individual’s set of circumstances will be unique and the range of different special educational needs and disabilities that children and young people in Nottinghamshire present with can be so broad.

 In general terms the benefit of a plan is that they can provide clarity around the child or young person’s needs, the provision that needs to be put in place and the outcomes that this support is intended to achieve. An EHC Plan is also necessary for admission to a special school, where such a specialist placement is required.

 Ask Us Nottinghamshire (the Information, Advice and Support Service for the county) can provide impartial advice and guidance around SEN support and EHC Plans – 0115 804 1740

 Funding - An element of the funding schools receive is intended to be used to support the needs of children and young people with special educational needs. If a school believes that it requires additional resourcing to provide support that is additional to and different from that which is available for other pupils of the same age, then the school can apply for additional funding. This is called Additional Family Need funding. This funding is devolved to a Family of Schools (usually a secondary school and its feeder primary schools) and can be accessed without the need for an EHC Plan. Applications for this funding are considered and moderated by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) within the Family of Schools to ensure equity, transparency and consistency. In addition to this there is High Level Needs funding for  those with more complex needs in mainstream schools. Again, this funding can be accessed without an EHC Plan.

 Schools will be well placed to provide advice and guidance on the funding that can be accessed for children and young people with special educational needs.

13. Feedback - The information does not display on the mobile phones and Tablets the same way as a PC.

Action - The site is fully compatible on all devives but will list the categories top to bottom on a mobile phone. The filter categories are still there but you have to click on dispay categories for them to open up. This is similar to other online directory sites.

14. Feedback -  To be able to translate the information into a different language and the ability for this to be read back.

Action - We have now installed the Browsealoud softeware onto the site which you can access by clicking on the headphone symbol. This enables you to have the text on the screen read back to you. You can also translate the information into 70+ languages.

15. Feedback - It would be useful to have the supported living filter within the Housing Needs category as well as the Help in teh Home and Community category.

Action - This has now been done.

16. Feedback - When you access the Personal Assistant netwrork via the search bar results and then sign in to see contact details the site was not recognising you had signed in. and also the PA network button being at the bottom of the screen can be missed as may not look if dont know it is there.

Action - The issues re the search bar access to PA network has been resolved and it will now display contact details if you are signed in on the site. The PA Network and Equipments directory will being displayed below the subject categories so it is easier to locate.

17. Feedback - it can be confusing on the contact us to send a query through regarding support navigating the site.

Action - We have now added s drop down option within the contact us form for support in using the website.

18. To be able to pull information in regarding specific conditions

Action - we have now got synidtcation with NHS choices so if you type in a specific condiition you will now get condition specific information as well as servcies that provide support for this condition.

19. Should have a link to Notts Help Yourself on NCC internet Front page

Action - This has now been done

20. Could filters be the filters be maintained on the left handside when seraching information rather than having to re add them each time do a new search

Action - The filters will now remain ticked but can deselecte dto widen search out again

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