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About children's centres

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North Somerset Sure Start children's centres provide useful services for both you and your child within your community: 

  • child and family health services, ranging from health visitor services to breastfeeding support
  • family support, including outreach and home visiting
  • information on childcare and early learning and local support groups and help to promote Early Years Pupil Premium
  • classes for parents, drop-in sessions, healthy eating advice
  • help for you to find work or training opportunities, using links to Jobcentre Plus offices and training providers

Children's centres are primarily aimed at parents/carers with children aged under five years. 

    Children's centres aim to improve outcomes for young children and their families, and reduce inequalities:

    • child development and school readiness - supporting personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language from pre-birth to age 5, so children develop as confident and curious learners and are able to take full advantage of the learning opportunities presented to them in school.
    • parenting aspirations and parenting skills - building on strengths and supporting aspirations, so that parents and carers are able to give their child the best start in life.
    • child and family health and life chances - promoting good physical and mental health for both children and their family; safeguarding; supporting parents to improve the skills that enable them to access education, training and employment; and addressing risk factors so that children and their families are safe, free from poverty and able to improve both their immediate wellbeing and their future life chances.

    If you would like to join your local centre or be kept up-to-date with what's on, complete the children's centre joining form.





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