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North Somerset on-line Directory - Policy on appropriate entries

Since the introduction of North Somerset on-line Directory and throughout the life of the Family Information Service and Local Offer, we have encouraged organisations to submit content and to take ownership of their own records.  This has a number of advantages in building a broad base of local content, reducing officer time spent on researching and adding records, and in keeping time-sensitive content up to date.

The Local Authority role is therefore predominantly in approving the content to ensure nothing inappropriate is added to the directory.  However, there have always been a number of records which while they meet our standards and expectations in terms of content, do not fit well with the directory. 

A number of examples of services that will not be accepted onto the directory are:

  • not offering a service within North Somerset, or not clearly suggesting that a service would be available to North Somerset residents or from a base in the area; or
  • are offering a more general service, which is likely to be widely advertised elsewhere and which is unlikely to be the type of content which North Somerset on-line Directory users would be expecting to see; or
  • are advertising private medical or health services with no clear information on licensing or regulatory approval, which it would not be appropriate for a Local Authority to endorse.



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