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Money matters Money matters

Money matters

Paying for care is a long-term commitment and you will need to be sure that any arrangements put in place are affordable.

Getting the right financial advice

It is important to be able to access quality, specialist advice to be able to plan and finance care arrangements in later life. There are organisations that may be able to help you.

We cannot recommend specific organisations to provide advice, and there may be other organisations qualified to provide advice of which we are not aware. 

Paying for residential care

If you need to go into a care home, and you have capital (savings/assets) worth more than £23,250 or your weekly income is sufficient to meet the cost of your care, it is likely that you will be expected to fund your own stay without our help.

If you think you may need financial help from us we will need to carry out an assessment of your needs.

Paying for care in your own home

If you have savings or assets over £23,250 (excluding the value of your home, but including any other property) you will be considered able to fund your own care and be offered the services of our Care Navigator, who will be able to assist you in arranging any care you may require. Our policy and charges are explained in more detail through the Non-residential care charging policy.

You may be able to get help by applying for attendance allowance.

Gov.UK website - attendance allowance

Help in a crisis

There are organisations that can assist when you may find yourself in a crisis:

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